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Limousine services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! The luxury ride you demand is met with outstanding quality.
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1. Bethel
2. Bridgeport
3. Brookfield
4. Danbury
5. Darien
6. Easton
7. Fairfield
Contact Information
Address Located in Fairfield County
Phone Number 1-800-670-6729
Fax Number 203-612-6729
Email Address prideselect@yahoo.com
Limo Airport

Airport limo ct, NYC | JFK, LGA, Newark airport limo service

Pride Connecticut Limo, LLC travels to all major airports in the Tri-State area:

  • JFK
  • LGA
  • Newark
  • Bradley
  • Westchester Airport

Discount rates are available for clients who book their limousine services online.



When you are seeking a reliance and professional limo service for your trip, Pride Connecticut Limo can serve all of your needs. You can call Pride Connecticut Limo to reserve a car service today to ensure that your trip runs as smoothly as possible. Having a car airport service waiting for you at the airport can take much of the stress out of planning a business trip or your next vacation. You can ensure that you or your family members have transportation that is readily available throughout your trip.Benefits of Car Airport ServicesOne of the greatest benefits of hiring a transportation company is being able to forego having to rent a GPS or use directions to find your way throughout a town. Everyone knows that GPS devices can sometimes be faulty if they are not updated, and you do not want to risk showing up at the wrong place and at the wrong time on your trip. You can count on the fact that your driver is already familiar with the layout of a town, and he or she will seamlessly be able to take you from place to place. This means that you will not have to sweat and undergo the experience of searching for a particular location.Professional Etiquette and Style

Hiring a professional driving company means that you will also be picked up from the JFK, HPN, EWR or LGA airport in style. You can travel throughout NYC in a black sedan that looks great and makes you feel more confident. You will not have to arrive to an important business meeting in a yellow taxi. Instead, you can impress your employer or other client by arriving in a beautiful black sedan to all of your appointments. This may also help you to feel more confident if you are presenting an important presentation or have important remarks to make during a business meeting.

Assist with Your Luggage

When you arrive at LGA, EWR, NYC or JFK airport, the last thing you want to deal with is all of your luggage. Having to deal with luggage can be an incredible hassle prior to your arrival at an important meeting. You can count on your driver to take a load of stress off of you when he or she grabs your luggage. A driving company can help you to prepare for your business meeting and feel more relaxed.